We didn't plan to come to Mexico, and truly at first we were not thrilled. But what do you do, you find the positives, and you water them daily. We decided to make lemonade, did some research, and fell in love with San Miguel de Allende. The culture, the atmosphere, the entire vibe of the city. Sometimes, when you think life is at it's worst, it's actually setting you up, for what you always wanted.

Growing up my grandmas house, was an open door to all the neighbors. She would awake up at 3 a.m. every morning, to start rolling the dough. If we didn't grow it, or kill it, we didn't eat it. All home made jams, jellies, pickles, stored and labeled, down in the cellar. Does anyone actually remember those cellars? So creepy . No electricity, seriously. I digress, growing up we always fed everyone that was hungry, and when I had my own home, I kept up the tradition. My single mother, was a Regional Manager of a major food chain back in the day. I grew up working with her, she was hardly home, so that's how we spent time. I was making the schedules for the stores by the 5 grade, and doing P&L reports by 6th. I did a stent of time working in Female Self Empowerment, training self defense options and methods. Pretty great experience. Other than that it's always been restaurants, I love to watch people enjoy the food, and service I provide. To learn the customers idiosyncrasy's, what makes them tick, build relationships. My name is Keli Silveyra, and I hope to be meeting you soon!

Ruben was born and raised, in Vera Cruz, Mexico. His father was a butcher, and his mother was a homemaker. She would make candies and popsicle's to sell for extra money, and always made authentic Vera Cruz style food. His dream was to open a restaurant in our town of Kansas City, showcasing the true flavors of Vera Cruz. Twenty years of working as Head Chef in prestigious restaurants, gave him a wealth of knowledge to achieve that dream. Well then ICE wasn't keen to that idea, so dreams changed. We recognized the need for authentic, home cooked style food, right here in our new beautiful city. Meatloaf, Open Faced Roast Beef Sandwiches, with scratch gravies, actual mashed potatoes, cinnamon rolls so soft that you know your going to eat the whole thing..... even though you know you shouldn't. Friends, we are excited to share this with you. We know it will never be as good as tacos, let's face it... But once in awhile, a home cooked, like grandma used to make meal, really hits the spot. From our home to yours, let's make memories.